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Adoption de poulain orphelin

Depuis plus de dix ans, EQUITECHNIC offre à ses clients un service d’adoption de poulains orphelins. Cette activité est gérée par Bénédicte BARRIER au "Haras de la Cour du Chasseur" dans l’Orne, qui est également reconnue pour son élevage de chevaux de sport sous le nom d' « Elevage du Banco ». 30 à 40 poulains sont ainsi adoptés chaque année.

Les juments nourrices mises à disposition par EQUITECHNIC sont des trotteuses qui ont déjà élevé des poulains dans le cadre de l’activité « transfert d’embryons ». Ce sont donc des juments « de sang » qui peuvent adopter des poulains de course (pur-sang anglais, trotteurs et pur-sang arabes) ou des poulains de sport (selle français, anglo-arabe, races de loisirs ou poneys de sport).


Orphan Foal Adoption

If a foal’s mother lacks milk, is lost during birth, or has to be taken abroad for the next covering, you are forced to quickly find a way to raise your foal. This is why EQUITECHNIC and the Haras de la Cour du Chasseur have developed a method to induce lactation into a foster mare that allows her to adopt and feed a foal.

We care for your foal as soon as it arrives here on our farm. All our foster mares have been specifically selected for their maternal qualities, including appropriate lactation, temperament and behaviour. Once a successful adoption is established, our foster mare remains with you until your foal is fully weaned.

The total fee for induced lactation, adoption by one of our foster mares, and for the rental of the mare is €2,900, payable on collection of the nursing mare and foal. This fee includes an initial vetting of the foal to monitor its health and immunity. The fee does not cover the livery cost for the foal (of €25/day) or the vet charges for anything independent of the said adoption process.

There is a €300 deposit to take one of our mares (recipient or foster), which is returned once the mare is brought back in good general health, with up-to-date vaccinations and worming treatments.